National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs MarketLink Program Unveils Innovative Online SNAP Payments Solution

Press Release

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Alexandria, VA (January 2022) – Direct marketing farmers nationwide are already familiar with the highly successful MarketLink mobile app Totil Pay Go. Early in 2022, the NAFMNP
MarketLink Program will launch an Online SNAP Payments Solution, adding to its federal
nutrition payments portfolio. Direct marketing farmers will have the option to accept secure, PIN-based online SNAP transactions and grow their SNAP customer base using the MarketLink Online Solution. The NAFMNP MarketLink Program, in partnership with Nova Dia Group, Inc. (NDG) and FIS Worldpay, will develop four eCommerce platforms, beginning with Local Food Marketplace, and then adding Fellow Farmer; GrownBy; and WhatsGood.

SNAP-authorized direct marketing farmers will receive:
● Authorization assistance to become online-ready
● Access to one of the four eCommerce platforms at no cost for one-year
● Technical and training support from the eCommerce platform team
● On-going communication as well as platform maintenance and security updates.

NAFMNP is supported by a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Services (FNS).

Access to SNAP online payments is part of NAFMNP’s ongoing commitment to developing
innovative solutions that work for farmers and consumers. “We are excited to have this
opportunity to provide yet another option for farmers to sell directly,” stated NAFMNP
Executive Director, Phil Blalock. “Working with USDA on these solutions continues to build on our commitment to small farmers and the markets that serve them.”

The development of the eCommerce platform is especially crucial during a time where the
Covid-19 pandemic has altered so much of the consumers’ purchasing methods. With the Covid19 pandemic normalizing consumers’ habits from shopping in-person to more online orders and curbside pickup, NAFMNP firmly believes more than ever in the need for an online platform that allows consumer access to and redemption of federal benefits programs. A recent McKinsey report on post-pandemic trends confirmed that consumer spending on eCommerce sites increased by 35% between March and June of 2021. Additionally, one-third of American households experienced a decrease in their income which caused them to shift purchasing values to essential goods such as groceries and household supplies.

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