The National Association of Farmers’ Market Nutrition Programs

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The NAFMNP has two classes for membership: Voting and Associate which offers a special Growing Membership for farmers who participate in our programs.

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Federal Fiscal Year 2020 Program Participation: 


  • Grants were awarded to 49 State agencies and Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs)
  • 1.18 million WIC participants 
  • 15,109 farmers
  • 2,461 farmers’ markets 
  • 2,150 roadside stand

Senior FMNP 

  • Grants were awarded to 57 State agencies and Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) 
  • 725,686 low-income seniors 
  • 14,767 farmers 
  • 2,401 farmers’ markets 
  • 2,316 roadside stands 
  • 71 community supported agriculture programs 

Your support will help the association continue its work to ensure we are able to build the tools necessary to effectively convey our message to key decision-makers. Farmers’ markets, roadside stands and community supported agriculture programs are playing an increasingly important role in the financial future of family farmers. By becoming a Member of the NAFMNP, you will help to ensure that low income consumers will continue to have access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables from their local growers.

For more information contact Phil Blalock, Executive Director, 703-837-0451 or phil@triangleassociatesinc.com.

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